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*NEW! Banner Designer Pro V 5.1 has more animation transitions than ever before and special text animations for text! Use exciting transitions like Marquee, Blink, Swivel, Explode, Glow, Scroll, Color type writer, random colors etc. Apply text animations like Big letters, Spin letters, type writer etc.
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Banner Designer Pro 5.1 - Banner Maker

A very simple banner generator software with very powerful features that assist you in making professional looking website banners in minutes!

Banner Designer Pro is amongst the proficient banner creator software tools that exceptionally design beautiful online banners with their effective & powerful features. Create animated banners or intensive Flash banners via this animated banner generator, since the users are not required to have any expertise in flash programming to make use of this tool.
It’s simple interface & diverse elements help you to create striking banners in very less time. In addition to this, the users get a flexibility of saving their output in the format of their choice like HTML, GIF, SWF, JPEG etc.
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Distinct features of the software
  Banner Designer Pro 5.1 Flash Banner Designer 5.0 GIF Banner Designer 5.0
 400+ animated and static Background
Banner Rotator  
Combine Multiple Banners  
Import System Fonts    
4000 Symbols  
Output in JPG,PNG,BMP,TIFF, PDF & AVI    
Transparent Output in GIF & PNG    
Output in GIF  
Output in SWF & HTML  
Transparent Output in SWF & HTML  
Click Tag  
Compatible with GoogleAdWords
Banner Rotator
With the banner rotator, multiple banners can be displayed in a specific pattern on a web page. You can easily specify the URL (web address) as per your choice where you want the visitor to be redirected when a specific image is clicked by her/him. The user can easily retrieve JavaScript code generated by the banner rotator.
Character mapping & Arc text
The banner maker software allows the users to give curved effect to the text. It can be done with Arc text feature present in the software. With the help of another feature ‘Character map’, you can see the characters for a specific type of font available & insert them in your banner which you are creating.
Library to select backgrounds of your preference
Whether you want to use static background or animated background, there is a large variety that can be used. 350+ static backgrounds are there in 18 sizes of the banner. In addition to this, 50+ animated banner backgrounds are available which can be applied to almost any banner of any size.
Add images with feature 'Fill with Image'
You can select any object and can add your favorite image to it with the feature 'Fill with Image'. Not only an image, you can also fill symbol, shape as well as text. It is according to the object’s shape that the image will emerge masked into.
Shapes for background
With the help of Banner Designer Pro, any shape can be used for the background like Round Rectangle, Diamond, Hexagon, Ellipse, Rectangle, Octagon, Semi circle and Star etc.
bullet Filters
To apply effects like Invert, Water, Grey Scale, Sharpen and Edge on some shape, images, symbol or text, the feature ‘Filters’ has been provided.
b Emboss and blur effects
While customizing the banner, you can apply emboss & blur effects easily to any shape, text, symbol and image.
b Options such as Select All, Group/Ungroup available
One new feature ‘Select All’ is added to the software, with the help of which you can select all the elements added to the canvas. To move 2 or more elements together & to apply some effect on them simultaneously, group / ungroup tool can be accessed.
b Color picker
With Color Picker tool, you can pick a color of your choice from any object present on the screen and apply it to other objects on the banner.
b Upload your Banner on FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Sites

Banner Designer Pro permits you to upload your banners to different file transfer protocol (FTP) sites. By adding details of FTP sites, it becomes possible to use them again.

b Multiple canvases
You can open multiple banners simultaneously in different tabs with the help of this feature. It means you can work on many banner projects all together.
b Multiple Color Palette
Banner Designer Pro provides multiple color palettes with basic RGB type like Primary, Metallic, Pastels and more.
b Ready-made Overlays
Appearing just like special animated objects on the banners, overlays are the ready-made animations which are designed by experts in the industry.
b Save your banner design as a Template
You can save your self-created banner design as a template for future use. When you save your design as a template, it gets stored in the software library. It makes it easy for you to access your creation later.
b Send your banner designs as attachment
You can show your banner designs to other people in case of any need by sending them as e-mail attachments.
b Flip your banner objects
With the flip feature in Banner Designer Pro, you can flip your banner objects horizontal or vertical. You can flip text, shape, symbol and image. If you want to create some unique design, you can use flip technique more efficiently.
b Measurement of banner size with Ruler
You can use Ruler to measure your size of banner and other objects. You can also move the ruler to work area, which helps to do the measurement more precisely & easily.
b Outline different Banner components
The new version of Banner Designer Pro offers you to outline shapes, images, symbols and text. Customization of outline properties is also possible now with this banner software.
b Tips on how to use the software
With the help feature provided in the software, you will find it easy to use this Banner maker software. With given tips and guidance, creating attractive banners will become possible in no time.
Select from banners in 17 sizes or have a custom size
Select animation effects
and their timing, add shapes if required


Scale size of elements in banner
Rotate elements in banner
Crop image as required
Adjust Brightness and Contrast
Scale and edit images
Predesigned Professional Banner Templates
You will find a wide range of attractively & professionally designed banner templates in the software Banner Designer Pro. This will greatly help you to start the process of banner creation.
Different size options for your banner
17 size options are provided in banner software - Banner Designer Pro. You can pick up the desired banner size that suits your banner perfectly. You can also define custom size for your banner as per your needs.
Combine multiple banners into one
Combining multiple banner files into one was never so easy. This feature helps you to carry out loop action on the banner files. By selecting size & timing of the banner you want to display, loop action can be completed.
Import system fonts
Import system fonts with this feature. The imported fonts get stored along with the fonts which are already available in the application Banner Designer Pro. This is really a super time saver!
Symbol Library
The software offers 4000 symbols in 37 categories. These symbols cater to the industries like health, financial sector, communication, food and beverage, educational organizations and others.
Insert text in the Banner
You can use Text tool to insert text at any place on the banner. Various font options & font sizes are there in the software to help you make your choice. To make your banner lively to even more extent, you can add color to your banner.
Import animation in the background
The software Banner Designer Pro helps you to import both animated types of banner backgrounds (in SWF format) and static banner backgrounds (in JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and other formats).
Load banners with predefined Preloaders
Predefined Preloaders help you to display banners on the websites in the least possible time.
Arrange element order
To move elements of the banner from front to back or back to front, and arrange all elements present in the banner according to your requirement, make use of arrangement tools.
Align objects in the banner the way you want
The feature ‘Alignment of objects’ can be used to align the objects at the center, right, bottom, top or left. This feature can be applied on different design elements such as image, symbol, button and text.
Generate banners having animated images & text along with entry effect
In the Banner Designer Pro software, there are many preset transition and animated effects available. You can select desired effects to be applied on your banners.
Banner Designer Pro V 5.0 has more animation / transition effects than before! The transitions include Slide, Fade, Sparkles, Spin Shatter, Checkerboard, Stars and Iris etc.
Set timing for effects
You can set time for different effects available in your banner. A wide range of animated effects available in the Banner Designer Pro include - text entry effect, text exit effect, image entry effect and image exit effect.
Excellent color & gradient options available
With amazing color & gradient options available in this Banner Design Software, you can make your banners appear quite appealing. Solid effects or gradient effects can be used for the banner’s background. These can also be used for filling symbols, text and shapes.
You can apply transparency effects on images, text, symbols and shapes.
14 different formats for publishing your banner
Many static and dynamic formats are provided in banner software Banner Designer Pro to provide you a variety to publish banners. Dynamic formats include SWF, HTML, AVI, GIF etc. & Static Formats include JPG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, GIF and BMP. Transparent output in formats PNG, TIFF, HTML and SWF can also be used.
Help file

Help file contains information regarding the banner software and how to use it. The tutorial is available for the users’ reference so that they don’t find any trouble while using the software.

System Requirements
  • Intel® Pentium® processor 586Mhz or equivalent.
  • 512 MB of memory (RAM).
  • 35 MB of free hard disk space.
  • SVGA monitor with 256 colors and 800 x 600 pixel resolution.
  • Microsoft® Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • A Web connection is required for activation.
  • This product is licensed as a single product for a single system.
  • Intel® Pentium® processor 586Mhz or equivalent.
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Banner Designer Pro is the finest tool in the market!

This feature-rich banner designer pro will surely be the first choice of all professionals who do banner marketing soon. Comparing the features with the cost, it is truly a steal. It is the finest banner designer tool on the market.
Valdemar, Albany (New York)

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